Stellar Blitz Progress – Accelerators, particle effects, action packed racing!


The new logo

I have made significant progress this month in the development of Stellar Blitz. If you’re new to the devblog, Stellar Blitz is a mobile multiplayer racing game written in HTML5/JavaScript for the client and Node.js for the server.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the game design was originally a twin stick arena shooter but recently I’ve decided to change the game into an epic space racing game.


Game lobby

The transition has been going solid so far. Up to four players race for a star in real time online  multiplayer. Racers can go on accelerators to enhance their speed and get ahead of the competition. They can use their hubble powers to shoot down racers ahead and eliminate them from the race!

Programming racing mechanics has been interesting so far. Prior to development I had no clue how to implement a racing game and my first attempts were quite embarrassing. Now I’m starting to get a hang of the technical and design aspects of the racing genre. I’m also applying what I’ve learned in other projects about good use of particle effects. Particle effects really help a lot in giving a game a good feel. In Stellar Blitz I use particle effects for things like projectiles, backgrounds, and explosions. If programmed well they can save a lot of video memory which is critical on mobile devices because you don’t need a bunch of frames added to a sprite sheet.


Early gameplay

Since I’m using PIXI.js as my rendering engine I did a little search on Google to see if there’s any visual particle editors already out there. And what do you know, there is! PixiParticles is a pretty simple particle engine but it has fit my needs well. I actually like how light it is. I wasn’t looking for anything over-engineered and the editor works fine and loads/saves JSON files. Integrating it with my in house engine was trivial and it saved me a lot of time. I really wanted to work on the game and not spend a few days on a custom particle editor to do the exact same thing this project does.

Stellar Blitz is having solid progress and I’m starting to think it can go into an open beta before the year ends. Stay tuned to get the latest updates and release dates!