Stellar Alien v2: Massive Update – New Animations

Recently I’ve decided to take a break on Stellar Combat and work on not just improving, but also rethinking core gameplay aspects of my first game Stellar Alien. Stellar Alien was published two years ago when I was 14 years old. As a programmer I’ve gained a lot more experience in those two years,  so I decided Stellar Alien needed a facelift.  We’re not just talking about a few minor updates here and there:  I’ve completed rewritten the source code, added brand new animations, new game mechanics, levels, and controls. It’s almost a new game, yet the core mechanics are still there.   But they are now complimented by more intuitive ideas.


Starbli’s animation frames


The first update I did for this new version of Stellar Alien was making new animations for Starbli. Animations, even if they’re really crappy tend to help any game a ton. Stellar Alien’s initial release didn’t include any animations for Starbli (or anything really). He was just a static image through the entire gameplay. To begin clearing the stench of an amateur-feeling in your game, taking the time to include sprite animations comes a long way.

How do you go about making sprite animations? Well, there’s so many methods I doubt I’d be able to list them all. Everyone has their own workflow for how they get their sprite animations done. Some use Adobe Flash, others will hand draw every single animation frame.

For me, I already had experience working with Adobe After Effects for video composting. After Effects has some fairly decent keyframing abilities while allowing me to import my sprite’s PSDs and animate them on the fly. Once I am done animating, I could just export composition to a PNG sequence and play the sprite sheet in JavaScript. It’s an efficient workflow for me. I suppose I could do the same thing in Flash, but I find After Effects surprisingly more intuitive than Flash for keyframe animations, even though AE wasn’t initially intended for sprite animations.

So yeah, After Effects for sprite animations is pretty sweet, especially if you’re already comfortable with the program. There’s more updates in this new version of Stellar Alien that I will talk about more in detail in a few weeks, stay tuned!