Stellar Alien v1.7.1 – Progress

Hey there Earthlings. A new Stellar Alien update is in progress! Version 1.7.1 will consist of critical bug fixes and crashes on low-end mobile devices ( I just wish people would buy better devices :^) ). The update won’t just be bug fixes though. It will include some improvements to game experience such as new customization for the controls and dialogue system.


By default the movement controller is fixed in one place on the screen. With v1.7.1 you can use the “controls” settings to allow the controller to be placed automatically wherever you touch the screen. Just check the box for “dynamic controller placement” and it will save the setting. You can change the setting anytime you want by pausing the game and hitting the “controls” tab in the pause menu. Additional customization to the controller, such as the controller size, will be implemented in this update as well.

Overall I’m excited to improve the usablity in Stellar Alien and allow players to customize the game’s experience to fit their needs. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of Stellar Alien version 1.7.1!