Stellar Alien Android Update v1.0.2

Stellar Alien v1.0.2 patches several bugs that have been crawling around for a while now. But they’re squashed! There’s also a new share button after you complete your level to share your scores. Using CocoonJS’s socal extenstion, the browser-based code I used for the Facebook API didn’t need modification while migrating to the mobile application. Good stuff.

Update summary:

Version 1.0.2:
-Now brag to your friends on Facebook about beating your high score! You can share your score on Facebook with the new Facebook intergration.
-Fixed bug causing game credits not to stay on the screen.
-There should be a noticeable performance increase.
-Several bug fixes


In other news, I’ve been hacking on my multiplayer game using WebSockets the past few days. Hopefully after I squash these bugs I can give a preview and share some of the networking issues I’ve faced so far.