Xavier Games is currently an one-man, indie game development studio.

My name is Maximillian Polhill and I am the designer, developer, and artist of the games in the studio. I’m 17 years old and I love games, art, & programming. This blog will mainly contain posts about my game development work, and maybe a few nerdy-rants.

Enjoy the read!

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Email: maximillian.pol@gmail.com

  • Trish

    Hey Max, congrats on your game. You should sign up and try Havok’s free mobile game engine, Project Anarchy! Check it out: http://www.projectanarchy.com/

  • Clinton Morrison

    Cool website! Great work on your game! It’s amazing that you are only 14!

    I’m quite a bit older, but am learning about game development. I found you blog article about porting HTML5 to Andriod/iOS very helpful! Some of the silly little games I’ve created are on my website at http://clintonmorrison.com/games

    If you play any let me know what you think using the contact form on my website!

  • Lucia

    Hey Xavier do you use only Ludei or you add more frameworks?


    • maxavier

      Hi Lucia. One of my favorite things about Ludei’s CocoonJS is that it is solely just a native wrapper for your game, you don’t need to use a special framework/library in your code.

      With that said, I don’t use any third-party frameworks and try to minimize the use of them specifically in my games.

      I do take advantage of open source libraries for a very specific task, like using howler.js for audio.

      • Lucia

        Thx for answer. I use ludei but i drop 20/35fps in small device and is very slow. But your game works in slow devices. Will be a problem code? Can you put here a example of simply loop works? Thanks so much

  • Rob van den Berg

    Hi Xavier! I’ve been enjoying the blog and games you wrote. The projects you are working on are similar to the project I’m working on right now, a real-time multiplayer game that works on android (and in the PC browser) using HTML5, CocoonJS and NodeJS. That’s why some of your blog posts have been useful to me, but also a fun read :)

    Impressive that you are doing this at the age of 14. I’m 18 right now and you and have been programming since I was 13, but when I was 14 I was proud of being able to write some HTML, haha.

    Anyways, keep up the good work! Good luck with Stellar Combat!

    • maxavier

      Hey, Rob! Thanks for the kind words. Cool to hear more people using HTML5 for browser-based/mobile multiplayer games, I think it can definitely do it better or as well as Flash today.

      I’m glad you enjoy some of posts. It’s been a busy summer but I’m going to be able to work further with Stellar Combat and post more in depth about its net code.

      Best of luck with your game.