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The Road Towards the Closed Beta – Stellar Combat Updates

It’s been a year since I’ve wrote the first line of code for Stellar Combat. The multiplayer mobile game has been in production since December 2013. It hasn’t exceeded the time it took me to develop my first game Stellar Alien, and Stellar Combat is already better in every way in my opinion. Multiplayer development is no easy cake though. I laugh when I think about the estimated time I thought I would have Stellar Combat finished.  I had yet to realize the amount of problems that can and will arise once you introduce networking into your code base. Then add the fact I’m still teenager with schoolwork to do, and other activities. Four months? Try squaring that number. It’s not easy finding the time to work on everything.

But I’m managing pretty well I think, solving problems as they come along and adding more complexity to the networking code only if absolutely necessary. It seems to be working out alright so far.

Road map

The next steps for Stellar Combat is to bring the battle to you, the future player. Starting with a small, closed beta that will require players like you to play the game and report bugs when you come across them.

Before we can jump into epic battles, I have to implement these features

  • Add particle effects, for visual effects like an alien shooting or a special attack
  • Implement three main characters you can choose from (Starbli, Roxas, Rosso).
  • Rethink game controls for fast paced action on mobile devices
  • Design the skill and combat system.

These four big features are a lot easier said than done. The next few months will be all about finishing all these things, and polishing them so they’re ready for the epic closed beta that will come for Stellar Combat!

During that time I’ll be blogging about the implementation of these features as well as announcing the date for when you can sign up for the Closed Beta! Stay tuned.