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Stellar Combat Updates: Roxas wants a makeover

While I’ve been trying to improve Stellar Combat’s net code, it’s nice to take a break from all of the game’s logic and efficiency, and instead play around with its artstyle for a couple of days.
It’s been a while since I did my concept art for Roxas, a few days ago I updated her appearance.
With this update to Roxas’s look, you may notice I’ve shifted her antennas a little more to left, and gave them more of an arc towards the right. I liked this change, for one it’s different from Starbli and Rosso’s design, but not too far away from them. I want the aliens to be diverse in their apperance, but they should look like they belong in the same game.

Hopefully you noticed a bigger change here, which is in how I colored Roxas. I painted her design with my drawing tablet with different blends of purple and hot pink. I had fun just using different brushes in Photoshop. I never really liked how cartoony and solid the alien’s  coloring/shading were.  I think this rough look of the colors here gives an interesting, fitting look for Roxas.