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Starbli’s origins



Starbli is a brave, child Gazian born during a great war in outer space between his home planet, Umbra and the planet Perriculum. While Starbli may be young, there’s no doubt in Umbra that he is one of the best star collectors. Starbli loves to collect stars and will risk his life getting a hand on the most gassiest stars in the nebula. Starbli collects stars not only because it’s fun and he likes shiny things, he’s told that it’s for a good cause. Starbli’s father, who’s a general in the Umbra Stellar Army, uses the ionized gasses in the stars Starbli collects to create weapons in the battle between Umbra and Perriculum.

Starbli is too young to fight in the war, but he makes the most of his adventures in collecting his stars. He won’t shy away from a fight, and will sneak in a few shots if he ever sees a Perriculum heading towards Umbra.


In Stellar Combat, Starbli is a fast shooting character with average health and above average speed. His attack inflicts moderate damage. Each character is in Stellar Combat is meant to fit a certain playing style, so choose one that fits yours the best! (or you can just pick one that looks the coolest).

Making space dazzle – Stellar Combat Updates

Spring break came just in time, because my brain seriously needed a break from school. But I will admit: after a few weekdays with the absence of school work, you start getting bored pretty fast. Luckily, I had Stellar Combat to work on!

So what’s new?

Added space nebula to the background

This doesn’t affect gameplay, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can make the game more visually appealing. It’s hard, because it’s in space and while some parts of space are really beautiful, space is mostly just…space!

But I thought… hey, there are billions of stars in space, so why not add some stars? I added stars already, they animate and twinkle, but it still felt pretty boring to me. More stars weren’t going to cut it.

So I looked up some art work involving space and realized a lot of them take the time to draw space nebula, which if I understand correctly is just a bunch of ionized gasses in the form of a cloud, floating in space. It looked pretty cool and I was able to make it in Photoshop easily.

Here is the graphic that is used in the game:

And here it is, actually in the game’s background. Compare how the background looks before the nebula, and after. I think you’ll notice an improvement.





And it’s just one single image, which is good. I just rotate the image around and change the opacity of that image in the code and draw maybe ten at a time. It also animates and floats around, once the image has gone off the screen its position gets reset so it’s visible again.

Changed the Room Lobby GUI:

The old room lobby was a little too dark for me and kinda of bland. I didn’t like it, so I change it to be a little bit brighter and added a black rectangle with some opacity as the divider between players. I like this look a lot better.

That’s all. The next steps now are trying to add Starbli and Roxas as playable characters in the game (only Rosso is playable right now) before the game gets tested on the internet (it’s being tested locally right now).

But before I do that, there seems to be a memory leak that I’m trying to fix. Need to squash that first!

What do you think of the changes? Do you think some of the older pictures looked better or my changes were an improvement? Leave a comment!