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Roxas joins the battle

In Stellar Combat you have the choice of different playable characters with their own unique attacks and play style. For example, Rosso has slow attacks. He makes up for it by having some of the most powerful attacks in the game.

I’d like to have as many characters as possible in Stellar Combat but to start the game off, I’ll begin with three characters. Starbli, Rosso, and a new addition to the gang, Roxas.


Roxas is an intelligent alien, very handy with the latest technology  from several galaxies. Her preferred weapon is a deadly laser, able to knock out a damaged alien in one hit even from long ranges. If Starbli and Rosso thought fighting each other was hard, they have another thing coming once Roxas joins the game.

Overall I am happy with her design and can’t wait to start programming her into the game. What do you think? Leave a reply.