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A thank you

Lately some great gaming journalists have taken interest in my experience developing and designing a game as a young teenager. It’s really nice of them to allow me to share my story and experience as I know lots of other developers can be overlooked by the media, I appreciate the interest a lot.

Answering interview questions have been interesting. Generally, there tends to be a question about how it all got started: the game, my interest in programming, etc. It’s cool going back in time and realizing all the things I did to finally get my first game Stellar Alien from a small little physics simulation to a published video game.

Here are a couple links to the interviews and mentions if you’re interested in reading them:

Developers increasingly turn to enterprise apps to make money
June 28, 2013 | By Shane Schick

Posted July 2, 2013 by Amy
The Ageless Art of Development: An Interview With Maximillian Polhill

Chris Khoo from Wappworks

Cori Smith from BiasBear

A post from devMaster

And thanks to Ludei, for their great team and giving me tons of support.

Once again, thanks everyone! :)